September 28

BIBLE MEDITATION: ?All things are delivered unto Me of My Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.? Matthew 11:27

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: When God condescends Himself to make Himself known to us, the Bible calls that ?revelation.? The Infinite reveals Himself to the finite. Now, what is the agent in this revelation? The Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit knows the mind of God and searches the deep things of God. You and I cannot know God apart from the Holy Spirit revealing Him to us. Isaiah 55:9 says, ?For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.? Even in the human realm, the only way you and I know anything about each other is when we reveal ourselves to one another. And the only way that man will ever know God is for God to reveal Himself. Praise God that He has chosen to do that!

ACTION POINT: How well do you know God? How well do you want to know God? One way you can tell is to add up the amount of time you spend getting to know Him ? how does that compare with the amount of time you perhaps spend getting to know your boyfriend, or getting to know the capitals of the world, or getting to know how to play a game? Where is your passion?

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