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May a Woman Have a Fivefold Ministry? Spanish: La Vara De Eva
Norma Solis Zavala

?This people I have created for myself; and shall announce my praisesí
(Isaiah 43:21)
¿May a woman have a fivefold ministry?
It is normal to find in our congregations women under the help ministries (Sunday school teachers, ushers, etc.); but women in the fivefold ministry: Teachers, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles, are very scattered or spread out. And the big question that we have is: Why are there nobody? or Why they are not manifested yet?. May it be because God show partiality with some people. By no means! God is not partial to any people; but sometimes in our own churches it is done so.
Have you heard it been said: ?The head of woman is the man and she has to summit to him! Woman can not talk nor even speak in the church! Eve was deceived and because of her; Sin entered into the world! Some sayings as these ones, focused out of the context have been used to keep away the woman´s right for having and developing a ministry. Now I ask you; Who are you going to heed: God or men?
Maybe you are one of those women God has confirmed a Ministry; but you have been measured or qualified with ?Eve´s rod?, and you woder yourself; Do I have a right to work in this ministry?... the Scripture says in Acts 10:34-35, ?God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that fear Him, and work righteousness, is accepted with Him. In 1 Samuel 16: 7 we read ?But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature?for the Lord sees not as man sees; for man look on the outward appearance, but the Lord look on the heart.? God doesn´t show any difference between men and women, He sees what is in your heart. 
In Jesus´ genealogy we find three women: Tamar, Rahab and Ruth. These women, in a moment of their lives, had to execute their rights to obtain what belonged to them.
a.- TAMAR (Genesis 38:1-30), Tamar became a widow twice, so she had the right to remarry with Judah´s third son. As the time passed Judah got widow and Tamar was not married yet with his son; she took off the mourning clothes and claimed her right to have descendants.
b.- RAHAB (Joshua 2:1-24), Rahab hid in her house two spies that Joshua had sent to Jericho. She said: ?I know the Lord has given you this land and He is God above in heaven and below in the earth, likewise I did mercifully to you, so you shall do with my father´s house and all my family and spare our lives from death? (v.9-13). In Joshua 6:22-23, Rahab and all her family were the only one who survived after Jericho was taken.
c.- RUTH (The book of Ruth), Ruth was a widow of Moab, and because she loved Naomi, she went with her to Bethlehem, and it was there while she gleaned in the field that she met up to Boaz and Naomi said: ?He is our kin and may redeem usí. The law said: If a woman became widow, she had the right to get married to the deceased husband´s brother or any closer relative in order to raise a generation and to be restored of the  deceased husband´s properties. She went to claim her rights and chose Boaz as her husband.
You maybe wonder whether there is a Scripture where God acknowledges that women have the same rights as men. In Number 27:1-11, the story of Zelophehad is told, did you wonder that in a nation under development, only the sons had the right to posses land; with a population of over 3 million; there was a family with only girls, when their father died, they wondered: Shall we have an inheritance from our Father?
They come to Moses, before the priest Eleazar, the princes and all the congregation, at the gate of the tabernacle of meeting they said: Why shall the name of our father be taken away from between your families, because of not having a boy descendent? Give us a heritage between our father´s brothers and Moses took their cause unto the Lord and He answered to Moses this way: ?The daugthers of Zelophehad are right; a heritage shall be given as their possession between their father´s brothers, and you shall give their father´s possession unto them? (v.4-7). God confirmed that woman has a right to posses something that seem to be only for men.
If God´s will´s that woman may have and work in a ministry: Why does woman have obstacles to do so? A known minister said: ?Since Genesis 3:15, Satan rose against woman, because of from her the Messiah was about to come from (Jesus).? Which was also what he knew that was against his plans. We find the key in Psalm 68:11 ?The Lord gave the word, and great company of women utter it proclaiming? (Some other Versions of the Bible).
When Jesus Christ rose again, appeared first to a woman and send her with a message: ?Tell to my brethren: I go up to mi Father and your Father, to my God and your God? (John 20:17). It was the first good news that Jesus´ disciples were about to receive; when Mary Magdalene got there she said: Jesus is alive! They did not believe her (Mark 16:10-11). Have you ever thought Why did Jesus appeare to Mary Magdalena and not to Peter, John or Jamesí Jesus Christ knew that woman had a shade in front and behind of hers: Eve, and this was going to be an obstacle for the ministry He had for her prepared.
When Eve ate the fruit said: ?The serpent beguiled me and I ate? (Genesis 3:13), since then woman had a frame or rule: Eve and a rod for discipline to make her remember what she had done.
WOMAN: God does not frame or rule you with ?Eve´s rod?, Jesus Christ neither. When God created woman placed a very special quality: ?To believe?, that is why Mary believed that she was to be a mother, Mary Magdalene believed Jesus had risen and proclaimed the good news.
If woman would not had had in her substance of being ?to believe?, maybe the Messiah had never been born. Woman believe easier than man, that´s why in our churches we have more women than men. The Eve´s Rod came to an end with Mary Magdalene, woman had shown obedience to God, now is your turn.
Woman; if you were once framed with ?Eve´s rod? and God already confirmed your calling. Use or take up your rights. Believe to God and fulfil your ministry. Forgive to those who framed and hindered your right to execute and develop a Fivefold ministry. Start to believe to God, His Word says: ?There is neither jew or greek, there is neither bond or slave, nor man or woman, because for you all are one in Christ Jesusí (Galatians 3:28)
If this teaching has blessed your life, share with other people (women and men), those whose heart is to serve our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.

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