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Dirección, redacción y edición: Norma Solis Zavala
To be surrendered as Jesus did so for usí

Norma Solis Zavala

Traducido por: Gonzalo Del Aguila Utia
The Bible tells us that we should obey to our pastors, and to be submitted to them, because they watch our souls, as they must give an account (Hebrews 13:17)
Maybe you wonder; what is the limitation for the submission? And what is for obedience?
Might it be a period when oneself is on the edge and says:
Should I be submitted to God, my pastor or to my leader?
Should I obey to God, my pastor or my leader?
For woman this is one of the outstanding characteristics in her, such as  the  ladies  who  followed
Jesus. But when she´s got a call, seems like woman surrenders her own submission and obedience; unto what her pastor says, her leader or her limitations (her own).
Now, I want to tell you about submission and obedience when God call you to the ministry.
In order to obey we have first to submit ourselves unto a kind of authority and this is the most difficult part for man and woman, when is talking about submission onto her pastor or leader.
Have you ever thought submission is God´s will…
The Bible says that we have to set our eyes upon Jesus. Have you ever wonder; why?
?Who, being in the form of God, made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death.? (Philippians 2:6- 8)
By taking as our pattern to our Lord Jesus, here we find what is submission:
1. – Accepting God´s authority.
2. ? Getting rid of pride, our own self, from all that hinders to obey to God.
3. ? Humbled himself, making himself dependable onto God, to exalt his name.
4. ? Obedience to God until the end, even though that may mean death ? fulfilling his purpose!
When Jesus came into this world he said: «I come, oh God, to do your will, take away what is first to establish the last» (Hebrews 10:7-9) But time came, when he had to obey to God and submit himself onto what God had already displayed; or to do his will and not dying at the cross. His longing or agony was such (Hebrews 5:7) that he took three of his disciples and leaving them, he withdrew himself from them and prayed saying: «Father if You are willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will, but yours » Again he prayed and said: «My Father, if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it; Your will be done » and he prayed again a third time saying the same (Luke 22:39-46, Matthew 26:36-46). Jesus accepted God´s will and obeyed.
So obedience is to set God´s will first instead of our own will or desires, accepting what God´s planned for your life, trusting that He cares for you, even though all looks to fall apart in front of you.
Obedience doesn´t include to look for advice from others, it´s only between God and you.
Obedience makes us perfect, because we give ourselves up to God, as Jesus did for us.
In order to understand what God wants in the call, first we have to know what does God demand from his servants, « It is a light thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give you for a light to the Gentiles, that you may be my salvation unto the end of the earth.» (Isaiah 49:6)
In the calling there are three foundational areas involved:
1.Being Light unto nations (evangelize)
2.Rise up churchmembers.
God´s will is for all to be saved, Jesus commanded his disciples to preach the gospel unto all creature (Mark 16:15) and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and in Ephesians 4:11-12, indicates that the established (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) ministries by God, are to perfect the saints and to Edify The church, in order to reach the unity of faith and the perfection of Jesus Christ.
At Paul´s call (Saul) we can see that Jesus Christ was the one who called him, it wasn´t man, nor prophet, nor even an apostle neither a minister. Neither, he offered himself as a volunteer to be an apostle.
In Paul we see submission and obedience to the call:
– Jesus appeared to him and Paul said: «Who are you Lord? ? I am Jesus whom you persecute…he shaking and fearful said:«Lord, what do you want me to do? (Acts 9:5-6)
– Paul knew who he was, whom was he sent to and what was his call´s purpose: ?Rise up, and stand on your feet, because for this I have appeared to you, to set you as a minister and witness… delivering you from your people, and from the gentiles, whom now I send you to, to open their eyes, so that they may be converted from darkness unto light, and from Satan´s power to God; for them to receive, by faith that is in me, forgiveness of sins and a heritage within the sanctified «(Acts 26:16 -18)
– Paul knew he was going to be persecuted because of his calling and even so he submitted and obeyed himself to God. When he was about to finish his ministry he decided to be back to Jerusalem, in spite of that he was begged by not to go up Paul answered: «I´m willing not just to be bind, but even to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus «(Acts 21:13)
In Ananias, submission and obedience show an additional characteristic that emerge from his own self.
He thought Paul shouldn?t be called to the ministry, because of his past life: «Lord I?ve heard from many about this man, and how many damages he´s done to your saints at Jerusalem» (Acts 9: 13-14)
How many times had acted like this any pastor or leader, whensoever God call a man or woman, to the ministry?…
In spite of the reasons and motives or recommendations that Ananías might had been able to give to God, the Lord told him: «Go, because a chosen instrument is this one to me, to portray my name unto the presence of the gentiles, and of kings, and unto the children of Israel» (Acts 9:15)
Ananias decided to submit and obey to God and went out to look for Paul and laid hands upon him (Acts 9:17) and recognized his calling and said: «The God of our parents has chosen you to know his will, and that you may see the Just One, and hear the voice from his mouth. Because you are his witness unto all men concerning things you have seen and heard? (Acts 22:14-15)
If you already have a calling, submit yourself, hold on to God and obey him, maybe obstacles are going to rise up in order to make you give up from his will, remember that even Jesus Christ had oppositions, but surrendered his desires and will unto what the Father already established


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