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Meditaciones Cristianas – I REMEMBER YOU



It seems like yesterday but it was more than four years ago that this fact (which includes a lesson) happened.


I was waiting for my “to go” order with some friends. The restaurant was packed so that seemed like the best choice. Suddenly a group of people, who were eating at the restaurant, started clapping their hands and shouting: “Go away! Go away!”


Imagine the situation! Soon we realized that they weren’t shouting at us (you never know) but at a former Mayor of the city where I live, whose government can be defined with just one word: corruption.  


Not even one minute had passed when that politic decided to leave the restaurant with the shame that causes meeting again with the active memory of the citizens of the city he used to govern.


León Gieco (a very well known author and singer in Argentina) says in one of his songs*:


memory wakes up to hurt the asleep towns that don’t let her live as free as the wind…


memory sticks up to make towns, which tie her and don’t let her live as free as the wind, bleed …


memory explodes to overcome towns that squash her and don’t let her be as free as the wind…


memory aims to kill towns that don’t let her speak and be as free as the wind…


We can’t live like people who don’t have memory! It’s an attitude that a lot of people prefer (because of different reasons). But its reality never includes positive results and instead it leads to negative consequences. This lifestyle doesn’t allow us to learn valuable lessons for the present which – sooner or later – will lead us to make the same mistakes as in the past.


The Bible says: “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. Hosea 4:6 (NIV)


This is to make us think, reflect… and act in consequence.


Have a good weekend!

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