I’ll never forget those tears. The wiping and mourning of the family and friends who were going to the cemetery, to say goodbye to the father of some friends of mine. I didn’t know him but it was unavoidable to share and feel as if it was my own the pain of the family because of the unexpected death of a loved one. It was a moment of deep sadness.


Every week public transport takes me to that great piece of land destined for the dead. And my mind keeps taking me to the memories of that day, and the times when I had to go there to say goodbye to a member of my family.


I always imagine the lost human potential that lies in that place:


…the dreams that will never see the light of day.

…incomplete projects that were surprised by death.

personal memories that disappeared in that last breath.

journeys that never took place.

feelings that were never expressed in words.

…the seconds, the minutes, and the hours that were wasted in negative thoughts.


Some time ago I reflected on he importance that human beings give to the prolonging of their lives. And they put themselves through painful treatments, expensive surgeries, and a lot of suffering. We want to live! And that is OK.


However, many people waste their years on Earth as if their lives weren’t going to finish, without thinking about what really matters.


Referring to what Jesus once said, the Bible says: «…I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead». Revelation 3:1b (NIV).


Let’s give our existence its real value! Let’s do what we know we ought to do! (according to your personal situation). But, above all, don’t let urgent things distract you from important things. Among them is our need to understand our spiritual need that can only be fulfilled by knowing in a personal way our Creator.


In the city of Ensenada, situated in Buenos Aires Province, I read the following sentence written on a wall: «The fact that you are breathing…Doesn’t mean that you are alive!»


Have a good weekend!




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