The ‘Risk’ of Obedience
by Mark Kelly

Over the past few years, Mark Kelly has been graciously working behind the scenes to edit these devotionals, keeping them consistent and clear. Today, we offer a devotional from him. – jw

«[Abraham] was trusting God so much that he was willing to do whatever God told him to do. His faith was made complete by what he did – by his actions.» (James 2:22 NLT)

To many Christians, «faith» means sincerely believing something is true when you don’t have any evidence. In fact, faith is acting on what you know full well is true: God is able to keep his promise and can be trusted to do it. Faith that is only theoretical conviction isn’t faith yet. Real faith – living faith, saving faith – does something about it.

God had promised Abraham that Isaac would be the father of an entire nation. When the Lord commanded him to sacrifice his only son, faith wasn’t some abstract issue of believing without evidence. Faith meant taking the risk of obedience – frightening as it was – because Abraham knew God could keep the promise even if Isaac died. Raising a son from the dead is right down God’s alley!

The life of faith is a life of taking risks that aren’t actually risky. When God puts a challenge before you – even one that seems crazy to your human nature – you can step out in confidence because you know God is able and faithful. When your faith and actions are working together, then your faith will be made complete.

Prayer: «Lord, what you want from us is exciting – and a little frightening too. It would be a lot easier to just stay with our ‘business as usual’ lives, but you have something seriously amazing in store for us if we will match our beliefs with obedience. Please strengthen our confidence in your power and trustworthiness, and grant us the courage to step out in faith when you give us opportunities to prove how much we really trust you.»

Point to ponder: The life of faith is a life of taking risks that aren’t actually risky.


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