Daily Devotional for July26, 2005

July 26

BIBLE MEDITATION: ?For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.? Ephesians 5:29-30

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: Many believers think they don?t have to go to church. They say yes to Jesus, but no to the church. Now, this happens for many reasons. But, if you love God, you will love Jesus. And if you love Jesus, you will love what He loves, and Jesus loves the church. Well, can?t I be a Christian without being a member of the church? Let me answer that question with another ? Can a bee be a bee without a hive? Can a sailor be a sailor without a ship? Can a person be a parent without a family? We need one another. We were made for one another. Jesus didn?t say, ?I will build you a church? or ?You will build My church.? Instead, Jesus said, ?I will build My church.?

ACTION POINT: Are you a member of a church that preaches the Word of God? If not, then we invite you to log on to http://www.sbc.net. This is the official web site of the Southern Baptist Convention and there you will find a church search feature to help you find a church in your area.

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