We are far from oppression, fear and terror!

Dear Marisa,

In the wake of this past Thursday’s acts of terrorism on London, we are standing in solidarity with our neighbors there. We ask you to join us in praying for their peace and safety and for God’s divine provision and protection over them. We also pray for the victims and families of this terrible offense. Agree with us that purveyors of terror in London and around the world will be revealed and their evil plans thwarted.

During the Thursday afternoon session of the West Coast Prosperity Overflow Convention in Anaheim, Calif., Kenneth Copeland prayed for our neighbors in London, speaking God’s peace over them and declaring that `the devil will gain no ground and receive no honor from this.’ In his message, Brother Copeland led the congregation in taking authority over the demonic forces manifest behind the terrorist attacks, declaring: `What we are battling here is a lot of deceived people. That deceiving spirit is who we are at war with. The hand of the Lord be on that spirit.’

You can watch the entire message, as well as hear or read a special telephone message Brother Copeland is sending to encourage our Partners in the area by going to www.kcm.org.

We have already received several testimonies of how God’s divine intervention kept people or their loved ones out of harm’s way, sparing them from injury or death. We believe there will be even more in the coming days.

Visit our Web site at www.kcm.org. God bless you and remember…JESUS IS LORD!


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