Doing What God Is Thinking – Daily Devotional

Doing What God Is Thinking

by Jon Walker

«… For, «Who can know what the Lord is thinking? Who can give him counsel?» But we can understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.» (1 Corinthians 2:16 NLT)

In a land not so far away and a time not too distant, lived a mighty, yet gentle Master of the Manor. There was a servant who worked for the Master, and this servant was a man of excellent efficiency, incorruptible integrity, and joyful heart.

The Master was pleased with his servant, but he also noticed the servant would do things that were well-intentioned, yet not in line with the Master’s wishes.

One day the Master was in his library, and he couldn’t find one of his favorite books. Looking closely, the Master realized that his entire library had been re-arranged.

«Good servant,» called the Master. «Why have you re-arranged the library?»

«Master,» the servant replied, «I wanted to provide you with the most efficient catalog system available.»

«But I did not ask you to re-arrange the library,» the Master lovingly said. «However, I did ask you to prepare the banquet hall for the guests we will receive tonight, and I see that hasn’t been done.»

«Yes, Master,» said the servant. «But I don’t see anyone coming up the road, so I assumed the guest weren’t actually coming tonight. And you’re library is now cross-referenced and categorized according to Humboldt’s hierarchy of human thought.»

«So I must think like a human in order to find my booksí» said the Master.

«Well, yes,» said the servant.

«But what if I want you to do things according to my thoughtsí» said the Master, a tone of command coming into his voice. «And what if I want you to begin to think like me, instead of the other way around?

Just then, the doorbell rang. The guests had arrived.

You were created to serve God, and one way to serve God is by serving others, offering ministry to others. But it’s important that you serve God according to his thoughts and his plans, not your own independent thoughts and plans.

Don’t misunderstand: This does not suggest permission to be passive in your service to God. Instead, it’s a call to intentionally seek the will of God in our service to him. Rather than making assumptions about where to serve God, you can constantly and consistently talk to him about where he wants you to serve. And in this way, you will develop a mind like Christ’s.

We serve at the will of God and not on our fantasies about what Christian service looks like. The service required of me may look very different from the service required of you, because God has shaped us each uniquely and with our own unique purpose in mind. God speaks to you through your shape, your circumstances, your experiences, your friends, and your family.

And he speaks through the Holy Spirit, telling you to prepare for the guests you cannot yet see, instead of rearranging the library that is already organized according to God’s design.

So what does this mean to me? If God is in constant conversation with you, are you carefully listening?

· Ask God to help you hear his voice and to tell you how he wants you to serve.

· Ask God to give you discernment so your service always lines up with your will, and not your own human agenda or someone else’s agenda.

· Ask God to fully develop the mind of Christ in you.