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Dear Marisa,

Debt cancellation! You’ve heard others talk about how God supernaturally got them out of debt, but for some reason you just don’t think it could ever happen to you. As Creflo A. Dollar explains in this month’s feature article in our Tools for Financial Success, it can—and it will when you do what is required of you.

«Many Christians mistakenly believe that getting out of debt is unrealistic. Others believe that while it may be possible for some, it is impossible for them,» Dollar writes in an article he titles The Practical Side of Debt Cancellation. «Romans 2:11 tells us that ‘For there is no respect of persons with God.’ In other words, what God will do for one person, He will do for another. Because God supernaturally canceled my debt and showed me how to live debt free forever, He will do the same for you! It all begins with a quality decision to become debt free.»

Find out more, and begin to trust God to supernaturally get you out of debt when you read this informative article. It’s just one of many valuable resources you’ll find waiting for you when you visit Tools for Financial Success at

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