Starting this week, Reverend Fun will be switching to a three-day-per-
week schedule in an effort to enjoy the holidays, recharge the
creative juices, and get caught up on various todos and projects that
need catchin’ up on (some of which are RF related).

Speaking of the holidays, there are tons of Christmas and New Year
cartoons in the Reverend Fun artchives. Use the download tab on the
cartoon pages to get artwork for printing in your bulletins,
newsletters, and such. If you are not in charge of your bulletin’s
content, feel free to forward this one to someone who is.

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from either the News & Updates
mailing list (for general RF infos) or the Weekly Cartoon digest (a
weekly email recap of the week’s cartoons) online at the link below.

Have a great Christmas and New Years.

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