Take a Stand Against Rita!

Dear Marisa,

As hundreds of thousands of residents in Texas and Louisiana headed inland today to escape the threat of Hurricane Rita, we here at KCM have established a strong petition against the storm. We join our faith with yours as we rebuke this storm and establish a line of the blood of Jesus around all life and property. We declare it over with and done, and that it falls into the midst of the sea-dead-in Jesus’ Name!

KCM has already begun mobilizing efforts to provide whatever assistance possible in case we are needed. Earlier today, Kenneth Copeland called in to the KCM headquarters in Fort Worth from the Ukraine, where he and Gloria are ministering. Brother Copeland recorded a special message regarding KCM’s stand against Hurricane Rita, which you can hear now by clicking here. You can also hear a special message from John Copeland, the Chief Executive Officer at KCM, by clicking here.

We want you to know that KCM is here for you, and is staying connected to offer whatever assistance possible regarding relief efforts associated with hurricanes Rita and Katrina. To learn what KCM is doing, and to get frequent updates regarding progress being made in assisting those still in need, visit our Web site at www.kcm.org and click on the link for the Relief Fund. Get information on contributions being made to help the storm victims, find out how you can help, and read some of the testimonies and reports from people living in the affected areas.

Thank you for your ongoing support through our Partners Helping Partners program. Your prayers and contributions continue to make a difference.

God bless you, and remember…JESUS IS LORD!