Call To Action In Response To Katrina

Dear Marisa,

In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of thousands of families in the Gulf Coast states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana are now faced with the arduous task of putting their lives back together. Many of those evacuated during the storm are returning home to find that everything they owned was destroyed.

We here at Kenneth Copeland Ministries encourage you to join us in praying for our Partners and Friends, and the many others in those areas affected by this horrendous storm. We set our faith in agreement, believing for their continued safety and for God’s protection over life and property. We believe that anything that has been destroyed will be returned one hundred-fold.

To help with the relief efforts in those areas ravaged by the hurricane, we have set up an area on our Web site at where you can make financial contributions if you so choose. All donations will be sent to the appropriate agencies in the areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. We are also contacting our Partner churches in the affected areas to see how we can be of further assistance.

Several emergency agencies have begun executing cleanup and rescue plans, seeking donations and setting up outlets to provide information on the storm and those affected by it. Among those are The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is posting information about the storm on its Web site at, and the American Red Cross, which has opened a telephone hotline to receive donations from citizens. That number is 1-800-435-7669. The Salvation Army’s Team Emergency Radio Network is taking requests for information on the welfare and status of loved ones in the hurricane area at its Web site.

Your faith and prayers are of extreme importance during times such as this. We have assembled a number of helpful resources that will strengthen your faith in the knowledge and truth that, despite the circumstances, God is still in control. Go to now, and let these inspiring resources from God’s Word penetrate your Spirit and bring you the comfort He intends for you to have.

God bless you and remember…Jesus is Lord!