2006 Bible school graduation report
| We celebrated our 2006 Bible school graduation this last November with more than 130 students from 8 Bible schools. This year was particularly special for us because it was the first year that we had a graduation of our two year program in the city of Cochabamba. It was a special time for each of the graduates. We celebrates their completion of two years of diligent studies and sacrifice. There were many shouts of celebration and also cries of joy.


As I gave the graduation speech I tried to impart in the people that attended Bolivia’s biggest need; the planting of churches, Bible schools and new ministries. I talked about that if Bolivia was not changed in the next five years then we had not achieved our goal.

I believe that this year’s graduation was the seed that we planted in this nation to forever change it for the Jesus. As these students go out and plant churches, Bible schools and enter into the ministry I have confidence that we will begin to see Bolivia won for Jesus.

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